Finally, Spring is Here! Time to Think Garden

April 19, we had 3 inches of snow. By the end of the day April 20, it had all melted and the temperatures have been working their way up since. I don’t know about you, but I love to see the progress in the spring gardens. I do a walk about every day to see what has begun to come up, or how much they have grown since the day before.

spring hosta

Hostas have grown 2″ in one day

Early spring color


In addition to the new arrivals there are the early shows of color. Here the crocuses are just about done, but the striped squill and Siberian squill are just getting started with their showy display. I love them because they naturalize. They create a colorful palette early, but then by the time the grass needs to be mowed they have retreated for their summer slumber. This makes them a great addition to the yard for spring interest. In our case I moved a few of the Siberian squill from our other house, but the striped squill must have been a hitchhiker on some other flower I brought home. It just appeared in the grass on the south side of the house a few years ago and has slowly been multiplying each year. Squill are in the lily family and grow from bulbs but spread by reseeding.

siberian squill

Siberian Squill Perfect of Naturalizing

striped squill

Striped Squill in lawn

striped squill

Striped Squill


We have a ditch that runs along our driveway leading up to our house. A number of years ago I started to plant daffodils, a few every year. There is a local plant club sale that I usually pick up a bag of just dug bulbs with greens attached that are added to my mix. Then in the fall when the bulbs are on sale I usually try to pick up some more. My goal is to get a good variety of color, size and bloom time. This year while the plants are still visible, I will go out and mark some of the spots that are bare so that I can fill those in with the fall bulbs. I also want to move some of the squill and grape hyacinths from other areas to add to the daffodil ditch because they make such an amazing combination.

daffodils and hyacinths

Daffodils with hyacinths