Homemade Christmas

Over the years we have made many different types of Christmas gifts. I hope they were received with the same joy that they were created. If you are looking for some handmade ideas, I hope this will spark your imagination to create your own gifts.

Chalkboard Announcements

Christmas chalkboard

This is a simple gift that I cannot take the credit for, a friend made it for me. It is a small 8×10 piece of 1/8″ thick plywood that was painted with chalkboard paint and two holes drilled for a ribbon. It has been hanging on our door knob for over 25 years! For each season or event the picture is changed.

Wooden Ornaments

wooden christmas

Wooden Christmas Ornaments

For several years we made a different ornament of the year. Here are a few of them. We made about 20 a year that were given to family and friends.  All these years later it makes me happy to see that they are still given a prominent location on family trees. They were cut out with a scroll saw (which is a fantastic tool for the creative person), then I used a utility knife to carve the edges and paint. Some have bits of added accessories, the reindeer has a couple of small twigs for antlers, a Christmas tree has a small string of plastic lights, the angel has a wire loop halo and mittens are connected by a bit of yarn, snowflake has sparkling clear glitter. For the ornaments that I made for our kids and ourselves I also write some important events from the year.

Gingerbread Man with Some of the Years Memories

Glass Painted Vacation Ornaments

handpainted ball ornment

National Park Handpainted Ornament

Handpainted Ornament

In the past, each time we went on a family vacation I would purchase a Christmas ornament that reflected our travels for our tree and one for each of the kids. I found that there were poor selections for many of the National Parks that we were visiting, so I decided to create my own.  I like the frosty clear balls.  I have also used frosty white balls, but when I spray the clear coat on them, they turn silver. The paint I have used in the past is an acrylic paint that can be purchased for about $1 a bottle at a craft store.  I am planning to try model paint next year to see if it will provide a less translucent painting. I look through photos we took and use some of those images. Some balls have several pictures on them. I can personalize them for the highlights of our vacation. I also use a Sharpie to write the year and other information, then I spray them with a clear matte spray paint. As you can see, they are not highly detailed or serious works of art, but they do give a little reminder of the fun we had as a family.

Message Blocks


Wander Blocks

message blocks

Dream Message Blocks