Rosie was born in  2020.  She is a purebred Cotswold, which is an endangered heritage breed of sheep. Her fleece falls into ringlets of golden white. Rosie is happy to go with the flow. She is part of a group of lambs that I lovingly call the brat pack. They don't seem to know they are sheep and would prefer to be in the yard eating my flowers. Rosie has some color in her genetics and can be distinguished by the large black spot on her back side.

Adopt a Sheep | Rosie

  • The adoption lasts for one year from the start date. During this time you will receive email newsletter updates on what is happening here on the farm. Your adoption fee includes your sheep's story, 6  notecards with your sheep's picture, and the fleece from your adopted sheep. The notecards make great gift announcements if you are adopting the sheep for someone else. We try to make sure you receive about 3 pounds of washed fleece. In the rare case that your sheep does not produce 3 pounds, we will either add the same type of wool fleece from a different sheep or make arrangements to provide you with additional fleece of another type.  Your raw wool fleece will be washed and mailed to you. This makes a wonderful gift for the hard to buy for hand spinner or fiber artist, a 7th year anniversary gift of wool, and not to mention a great gift for yourself!

    If you would like to receive ready-to-spin wool rovings, we will be glad to have your fleece carded at the local mill. There is an additional mill fee, $40. Please add the milling fee  to your cart with the adoption for this option. 

  • We want you to be absolutely delighted with your order. Please contact us if you have any concerns.