Dilly Beans

I think you can probably pickle just about anything, around our house green beans are a favorite.

Preparing Beans

To prepare the beans we have a little bean picking party on the front porch. Everyone gets a bowl and starts snapping the ends off and breaking the beans to size. I have read that some suggest cutting the end off, seems to me that it is much easier to snap them. Being a lazy gardener/canner, I only snap off the stem end. I don’t see the point of taking the other end off, it tastes just as good as the rest of the bean. I will confess though that the one jar of dilly beans that my daughter prepared for fair did have both ends removed so they would look pretty.


Ingredients you will need for each pint of dilly beans: • Beans • ½ tsp mustard seed • ½ tsp dill seed • 1 clove garlic • 4 slices of jalapeno pepper rounds– adjust depending on heat level you would like • 1 dill head • 1 slice of onion round • Vinegar, water and salt solution- see recipe below

canning brine

Vinegar, Water and Salt Brine

Wash the pint jars, lids and rings in hot water.

Filling the Jars

Slice up the jalapeno peppers, peel garlic, and slice onion.

sliced jalapeno, onion and garlic

Slice Veggies

First put the garlic clove, mustard seed and dill seed in the bottom of the jar.

jar with dilly bean spices

Add Spices

Fill the jar with beans. They look pretty if you break them about and inch shorter than your pint jar. It is easier to fill a wide mouth canning jars for this. I usually use regular for canning, just because the lids are cheaper, but for this I used the wide mouth.  Tilt the jar to the side and layer the beans into to the jar. Once you have enough beans to fill it place the dill head, onion rounds and jalapeno rounds on top. You should still have ½ “of head room in the jar.

jars with beans

Jars Ready for Brine, because there are other jars of beans in back it looks like the jars are filled to the top- there is 1/2 inch of headroom- I promise.

Now is a good time to start the water boiling in the water bath. It will take longer than the liquid solution to heat up to a boil. Add enough water to the canner to cover the jars with about 1” of water.

The Pickling Brine

I like to fill the jars before mixing the vinegar solution, so I can make the proper amount of brine.

For 10 pints I mixed: • 5 cups vinegar • 5 cups water • ½ c pickling salt Put the liquids in a stock pot and bring to a boil.

canning brine