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We know there are people out there that would love to have their own sheep, but for whatever reason it isn’t possible. We have started our Adopt a Sheep program for these people. It’s like having your own sheep, but you don’t have to go out on those cold winter days to feed them! The adoption fee is $20 per month, or if you pay the full amount at once it is $170.


The way that it works is that when you adopt a sheep you will receive a set of 6 note cards with your sheep’s picture on them. These make great gift announcements if you are adopting the sheep for someone else, or to announce your new family addition. The adoption lasts for one year. During this time you will receive updates on what is happening here on the farm, lambing time is particularly exciting!  You are also welcome to email and ask questions. Your adoption fee includes the fleece from your adopted sheep. We try to make sure you receive about 3 pounds of washed fleece. In the rare case that your sheep does not produce 3 pounds, we will either add the same type of wool fleece from a different sheep or make arrangements to provide you with additional fleece of another type.  Your raw wool fleece will be washed and mailed to you, all included in the Adopt a Sheep fee.


If you would like to receive ready to spin wool rovings, I will be glad to have your fleece carded at the local mill before I send it. There is an additional mill fee of approximately $10/lb. for this (price is subject to change). This makes a wonderful gift for the hard to buy for hand spinner or fiber artist, a 7th year anniversary gift of wool, and not to mention a great gift for yourself! 

Not sure who to select? Contact us and tell us about what type of projects you have in mind and we will help you select your Adopt a Sheep to get just the right one.

We are always happy to set up a visit to our farm, we ask that you make arrangements ahead of time so that we are able to give our undivided attention to making your visit enjoyable.

Sweet Pea  was born on a subzero morning to Athena.  Athena was not sure what to make of a lamb and she was left to get cold. She only weighed 4 lbs and was near death when she was rescued. She spent the first few days cuddled with me because she would cry when put down.  She is a pure bred Cotswold.     Adopted

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Samantha moved here with her half sister , Chocolate, as a lamb in 2010.  She is a little shy, but sweet. Her father is a CVM and mother Merino.




Domino, born in 2016, turns a lot of heads here in the dairy state. He may looks like a Holstein calf, but thinks like a sheep and has a beautiful fleece!



Sophie was born in 2012. She is from our first line of sheep and is a cross of Blue Faced Leicester and about everything else. Her wool is a medium crimp.

           Available for Adoption

Daphne was born in 2012 and is a purebred Cotswold sheep. She has a golden long wool fleece. Daphne is a good mother and grandmother.


Hershey (on left) was born along with her twin Snickers in 2016. They are Blue Faced Leicester cross with a variety of breeds that produce a lovely medium fleece which is perfect for hand spinning. Guinevere(right) born in 2012 is a purebred Cotswold.

       Available for Adoption

        Hershey- adopted

Grace was born in 2011. She is a purebred Cotswold sheep. She has silky long wool locks.



Iris (on right) and her lamb (on left) Peony are purebred Cotswold with golden lustrous curls.

   Available for Adoption

Chocolate moved here with her half sister , Samantha, as a lamb in 2010.  Her father is a CVM and mother Merino.

She is always first in line for grain at feeding time.



Aphrodite is a rare black Cotswold Sheep. She was born in 2011 at

Bull Thistle Farm and came to live with us as a lamb. She has a beautiful silver fleece.


Annie was born March 10, 2014 She is a mix of a number of breeds with CVM and BFL being the largest portion. She has a nice medium fine fleece. She was a bottle lamb, hence the name Orphan Annie.

    Available for Adoption

Nu-Nu was born spring 2017 and has a twin sister Petunia. She was a bottle lamb and is usually close at hand when I am outside to see if I have a treat for her.

       Available for Adoption 


In the spring we have lots of lambs available for adoption. If you choose a lamb you can name it too.

Cuddles is half Cotswold and half a mix of Blue Faced and Border Leicester. Just as her name implies she is a sweetie and her beautiful curls are a bonus.


Born in 2010 Calliope is a Cotswold ewe. She could be confused with a bear, she gets such a fuzzy face.

Her name is from Greek Mythology. Calliope is the patron of poetry and inspires artists! She is a daughter of Zeus.

          Available for Adoption

We have other sheep available for sheep adoption, in a variety of colors and fleece types. Email us with the type of fleece you are interested in and we will be happy to help you choose the right sheep for you.

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