Sponsor a Sheep


As our girls age, their wool fleece quality is not what it used to be.  We have some ewes that are over 14 years old and consider them in full "retirement". Some that are not quite as old may still have lambs, but do not have high quality wool fleece.  These are ewes that have been on our farm all of their lives and we want them to live out their remaining time here in retirement. They spend their days with their daughters, grand-daughters and even great grand-daughters roaming the pastures and lounging under the trees.

If you would like to sponsor one of our retired girls the cost is $50 per year, this will help with her upkeep. You will receive a set of 6 note cards with a photo of your sponsored sheep as well as our newsletter keeping you up to date with what is happening here on the farm.   Sponsoring a sheep makes a great gift for a sheep lover or a "wool" anniversary.

If you have questions about our Sponsor a Sheep program, or sheep in general Contact Us.

We are always happy to set up a visit to our farm, we ask that you make arrangements ahead of time so that we are able to give our undivided attention to making your visit enjoyable.


Lotti was born on February 11, 2006. Her mother, Belle, was one of our first two sheep. From the beginning, Lotti was a favorite, acting more like a dog than a sheep. She knows she is special and how to get a treat. If someone is tugging at the back of your coat while doing chores, it is probably Lotti!




Fiona was born with her twin on

March 16, 2008. A mild mannered gal, she is usually just minding her own business. Fiona currently sports a collar with a bell, making her easy to hear when the flock is out grazing. She doesn't seem to mind that she is the noisy one in the crowd. 



Little Belle

Born in 2008 Little Belle is getting to be a wise old girl. She has a very kind soul and is a quiet, calm sheep. 



Hestia was born March 29, 2009. Her mother was Delilah and her father was Apollo. She is a twin and weighed in at 11lbs.She was named for the Greek goddess of the Hearth.



Farm Share

Maybe one sheep is not enough, do you want to share in the whole farm? We are offering our Farm Share for those that love sheep, but also have a soft spot for Holstein cows and donkeys, maybe even a chicken or two. 

Our Farm Share includes a letter about the farm, 6 notecards, newsletters, and a wool needle felted hanging ornament. Our sheep ornament is shown, but we are happy to make an ornament to reflect your favorite critter. Select from sheep, cow, or donkey.                         

1 Year Share $70

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