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We occassionally have some of our fleeces spun into yarn, and this is one of those occassions. This yarn was spun from Cotswold fleeces grown on our farm. Cotswold fiber is perfect for outerwear, warp, and other items that you would use a sturdy wool for. It does not have very much elasticity, but does have amazing luster. These skeins are beautiful natural golden white, but would also be perfect for dyeing. It is 2 ply, and the skeins average 140 yards per skein, 4 ounces, and 11 WPI.


For Shave 'em to Save 'em participants that purchase 4 ounces of Cotswold locks please let me know if you would like a Passport sticker.

100% Cotswold Wool Yarn | Commerically Spun Wool Yarn | Art Yarn

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