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Unicorn Power Scour Wool Wash


We use Power Scour to wash all of our wool, several hundred pounds a year! 


We found that with laundry detergents and dish soaps the finewools would become damaged and the tips break off during the carding process. Power Scour is delicate on the finewools and leaves the longwools lustrous.


Use just 1 Tablespoon per pound of wool is all that is needed on most fleeces.

For more information about how we wash our fleeces go to our website blog at:


It has a light lavender scent.

From Unicorn:
It is tough on your most heavily soiled laundry, but gentle enough to protect delicate fabrics. Power Scour is great for:

Scouring raw wool & mohair

Washing cloth diapers

Treating tough stains (even red wine stains!)

Treating odors in fabrics like smelly pet beds or sweaty gym clothes

Deep cleaning grease, grime, and grunge better than our competitors

Removing lanolin from woolies in order to re-lanolize

Washing heavily soiled laundry

Cleaning carpets

Power Scour works well in all water temperatures, but for oily, greasy, and other very heavily soiled washing, warm to hot water is more effective.

16-ounce Unicorn Power Scour, Wool Cleaning, Wool Wash

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