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This Cotswold needle felting kit will help you to create a rare historic Cotswold sheep of your own. The kit contains items to make (1) curly Cotswold sheep. 

Kit contents:
-wire for armature
-white wool for body
-colored wool for eyes, nose, mouth, inside of ears, decorative blanket
-curly wool for fleece
-felting needle

-felting pad
-instructions with history of Cotswold Sheep

Finished sheep will be approximately 6.5" tall, 8" long and 2" wide.

Note that felting needles are sharp, use your own discretion if crafting with children. These are not toys.

Cotswold sheep are from the Cotswold region of England. They are a historic breed that is prized for its beautiful curls and docile temper. Your purchase helps to preserve this beautiful breed.

The wool for our needle felted sculpture kits comes from our flock of white and natural colored sheep. We have many shades of natural colored wool and they often do not need to be dyed for the sculptures.


Cotswold Sheep | Felting Kit | Needle Felting

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