Based on feedback we have received, some folks just love lambs, but don't really have a need for the wool. That's okay too, there is sooo much to love about lambs!  With this in mind we have started the lamb share-adoption program. In this lamb share you will get the same newsletters and notecards that are part of the adoption program, but rather than the washed wool from your lamb we will create a hanging ornament out of lambs wool for you. You can name your lamb too!


 Learn about the operation of our sheep farm through newsletters throughout the year, enjoy a hand felted lamb ornament (1), and send notecards (6) with your lambs photos to your friends and relatives.


We lamb mid-March through April. The lamb share can be selected from December (in anticipation of lambing season) through July (after the lambs are born and begin to grow). 

Lamb Sponsor-Adoption | No Wool

  • For one year you will be a part of our farm and will receive:

    • An introductory letter about our farm
    • 4-5 emailed newsletters keeping you up to date with what is going on here on the farm through out the year
    • 6 blank notecards with photos of sheep from our farm
    • 4"  handmade needle felted hanging ornament of your lamb

    We will send a welcome package with a couple of the last newsletters, and a photo of the group of sheep. Once your lamb is born notecards will be sent with your lambs photo. At shearing time we will collect some wool and create your felted ornament, this will be sent out in the fall.