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Clementine spends her time overseeing the sheep. Her official title is guard donkey. She came to our farm as a yearling in 2009 and has been keeping the sheep in line and the coyotes at bay ever since.  Clem is 100% personality!

Sponsor a Donkey | Clementine

PriceFrom $55.00
  • The sponsorship lasts for one year from the start date. During this time you will receive email newletter updates on what is happening here on the farm.

    Your sponsorship fee includes Clementine's story, 6 notecards with your sheep's picture, and several newsletters throughout the year.
    Your sponsorship helps to maintain Clementine and our retired sheep so they can live out their remaining years happily roaming the pastures with their sheep family.

  • For those who would like a lasting reminder of Clementine, we have created the ornament option. 

    If you select this option I will make a needle felted hanging donkey ornament in the likeness of Clementine along with the items in the Sponsor a Donkey option.

    The ornament is felted over a wire armature, made from wool grown on our farm. The overall dimension is approxamately 4" long, 1.25" wide x 3.25" tall. It hangs with a bit of handspun yarn and wears a beaded collar with a small brass bell.

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