Rustic Wedding

Rustic Wedding – Inexpensive Decorations

Steeped in history, Turner Hall in Galena, Il. is the perfect setting for a rustic wedding. The hall is beautiful even before any decoration. It is an amazing place and working with the City of Galena was great. Reflecting the hall’s heritage we chose wedding decorations that reflected the same vintage rustic charm.

Flower Buckets

Earlier this summer I showed you the bucket inserts that I made to hold the flowers that I planted for the wedding. They survived until wedding time and helped to add a touch of the outdoors to the beautiful hall.

flowers in bucket

Flowers in galvanized bucket

Wedding Seating Sign

The ceremony was in the hall’s balcony. At the entry of the curved staircase we added a sign to help direct attendees to their seat location.

I used an old piece of plywood, that was recycled from a desk, and painted it with black chalkboard paint. It took a couple of coats to get a nice even finish. I just gave the back one coat because we stood it on an easel, so the back was not very visible.

Rather than using chalk or the chalkboard markers I used an off-white acrylic paint, to paint the letters. It comes in a small tube at most craft stores for less than a couple of dollars. I wanted it to have a more vintage feel than I thought the bright white lettering would have.

First, I used chalk to write it out so that I could get the lettering the way I wanted it.  Next, I used the paint to fill in the letters.

sign for wedding seating

Sign for wedding guests

Photo Station

We used two 6 panel doors for our photo backdrop. I painted them both off white and hinged them together. Then we used an L bracket on the back of each door to keep them from tipping over backwards. It was just screwed to the back of the doors, one on each door. We also used a piece of wire with a loop on each end that was screwed to each door through the loop on the top edge of the door. It was just the length needed to make about a 130-degree angle with the doors spread open.

I made a pattern of the shape I wanted the sign shape to be by folding a newspaper in quarters and cutting it out.  That way all edges were the same. We cut it from a 1/4″ thick plywood that was sanded on one side. After cutting it out with the jigsaw the edges need to be sanded a little to smooth them out. I drilled two holes in the top to insert a ribbon to hang it from the doors. Finally, I painted it with the same chalkboard paint and off-white paint for letters as the other sign.

Happily ever after sign

Sign for Photo Area

I hung the sign from the top of the doors and added an antique camera that I hung from the door knob. Unfortunately, I did not get a photo of the set up at the hall, for some reason there must have been other things on my mind! This photo gives the idea, but it is hanging on our chicken coop.

Gift and Card Table

For the card box I used an old suitcase that is usually part of a stack of suitcases that make up an end table in my living room. A family member cut out the letters in two different colors of scrapbook paper with her Cricut cutter. I pinned the short piece of twine across the lid of the suitcase and using small-clothes pins attached the lettering for CARDS.

suit case for wedding cards